Escaping the noise

Nov 23, 2016

Escaping the noise

The city of Kathmandu is so congested that there is no escaping from the noises within. Be it vehicles sound or the one of a building construction, there’s always going to be some sort of noise that will keep on following you.

The city is growing day by day, with that grows the no. of vehicles on streets, which adds up to more noise. More people means more need of places to stay, which means more construction of houses. What does that get us? More noise. It’s not that I am complaining about all this, I am merely stating the state of the environment, we the people of Kathmandu, are living in.

Bike lovers love to ride their motorcycle as loud as they can, I happen to be one of them even though I know that it is also one of the factor that causes the noise. With new bikes with stock exhaust that are already loud enough, we love to ride it full throttle, some with even louder aftermarket exhaust. But there are nights when I’m returning home after a long day, I wish my motorcycle hasn’t so loud.

So, what I figured was that the only way we can escape the noise is by not running away from it, but rather embracing the fact that we are the ones making it, and start taking initiative that will cause less noise.

As they say in Nepali, “Thopa Thopa ley nai samudra bancha.”  (Ocean is only made up of drops of water)

It all starts with a small initiative from own self. ­

-Ajay Thapa Magar