Poverty Alleviation Fund (PAF)

Artisans at work

PAF’s work with artisans is focused on making markets work for poor artisans in conflict-affected areas. The project connects skilled artisans to markets so that it can increase the income and improve the living standards of poor artisans while also preserving the traditional skill linked closely to Nepali heritage. A $2.64 million project aims at assisting approximately 8, 000 beneficiaries.

Many skilled artisans in Nepal learn their trade from their forefathers, and thereby continue a tradition that preserves ancient techniques inspired by their surroundings to produce exquisite work. Despite their knowledge and skills, artisans in rural Nepal struggle to eke out a living; the trade is proving difficult and less viable to support households. In fact, many are leaving this industry altogether. As a result, PAF has stepped in with the goal of mobilizing artisan communities organize and form their own institutions. By providing them necessary trainings, PAF is helping artisans develop trade-specific skills and financing tools, so that their skills meet market demands, and the industry thrives.

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