The 5th year

Nov 23, 2016

The 5th year

In the year 2012 March, Graphic Design Nepal was officially established. Me and my friend / co-founder Anurag Maharjan had aim to provide the best service in graphic design industry of Nepal. We have been sharing the same aim and wanted to be entrepreneur. We were really touched by the designs that we see in the internet of good ad agencies, so we also had aim to deliver the clean and minimalistic design, so that the one have “wow” expression in the face who sees the design. Days were passing by and we were dealing with the different clients of Nepal from small organization to the multinational organizations, we were satisfied by our work by that date, but we always have question in our mind about, Are we satisfied by our own service ? Will we be happy by our current income for upcoming years ? This different question always used to strike in our mind.

We took the graphic design Nepal into the next level and started working in the videos and photos too as we were interested in the particular field. We came to meet our third partner by then Ajay thapa magar, and added the services like motion graphics, video developing. Graphic design Nepal was re-established again with all new hopes and dreams, the dream that need to be fulfilled. We moved into new location with a big space and worked hard all day and night to achieve our that one dream. The client list was being added every month, we were really happy to provide the good service to our clients. But as in every life, we were also facing different problems, but we always tackle them and moved forward, till date we have created tv commercials, documentaries and even experienced the big movie making. We are going good, but we want to be best in every services that we provide from graphics to video and animation.

It has really been a great journey till date of graphic design Nepal with total team of 7 people. But this 5th year we have kept a dream, dream that have to be fulfilled, for which we need to work hard and be more dedicated. And yes we should not forget that clients are the path for our success, so keeping a dream this March 2017.

Let’s achieve that dream.

-Sikum Limbu